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High quality products guaranteed

All diamonds we sell are not so-called blood diamonds (also called conflict diamonds, converted diamonds, hot diamonds or war diamonds) is a term used for a diamond mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army war efforts, or warlord activity.

Black Diamond

Diamond prices for white, black and champagne:


  • 0.05 carat 2mm 350 SEK

  • 0.1 carats 2.5mm 700 SEK

Champagne Diamond

For orders of at least 100 diamonds you receive a discount of 10%

Delivery time about 2 weeks.

White Diamond

Welcome to book training


2 days of training in the art of mounting Real Diamonds on fingernails icluding 1 diamond and materials 3 500 SEK. Location Frimurarevägen 7B LIDINGÖ. Call +46704618053 for more information or be updated here.